The Mirror (piano by my mother Jennifer)

by Dylan Greenberg

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This song came to me in a dream and my mother Jennifer Berton played piano on it.



Well I knew that you'd be happy

To hear it never rains

And there aint no tax man comin' round

And our landlord's a real saint

It's a shame you can't come with me

But that's the thing bout panes of glass

Is they're thin enough to see a face

But not enough to travel cross

So what if you're the person Stuck in the middle Hands on the frame Like solving a riddle, and you may hear my call - but I was never there at all so don't take it too personal

And as time passed, you'd awoken

To a sound from the long dark hall

And you made each footstep carefully

Or you might not get there at all

And once again you saw the face

That you thought you'd never see

In a room so plain that it wouldn't seem sane

If this weren't in a dream

So what if you're the person Stuck in the middle Miss me a lot and Love me a little, then you might hear a scratch - just a hand pressed on the glass - you get up and run so fast


Suddenly the years went by

And I stopped waiting till dawn

At first you'd come less frequently

Then one day you were gone

Though it only seemed a week had passed

On the day that you returned

But your skin was old, and your gaze was cold,

Yet you didn't seem too concerned

And now you're the person Stuck in the middle, one day you're young, but bones soon get brittle when you grow up to say - that a dream is just a dream, and you don't know what you've seen - I suppose that you've grown sane - but I miss you just the same


released May 8, 1997




Dylan Greenberg New York, New York

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